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Failure is not fatal…

…but failure to change might be.

This is one of my most favorite quotes.  John Wooden, the world renowned and winning coach said this.  

What does it mean?

Well, failing won’t kill you, or end you.  In fact, I’ve learned everything from failures…it actually makes winning easier :)  If you never fail and you’re faced with something not going well, how else would you know how to fix it if you haven’t failed before?

Qwotebook is my baby.  It’s my dream for Qwotebook to “own” quotes.  What you see on the site today isn’t even 5% of what it will be…but there were some difficult decisions to make.

Some change was needed.

Being someone who loves to brand…is passionate about branding, and feels like branding is a huge chunk of anything worth doing, had to make a decision for Qwotebook that kind of hurt me personally.

Had I not made the change, it would have been fatal.

We can’t have that.  So stay tuned for what’ll change, as well as keep an eye out for a freshening up of the site and addition of some new features :)

Quote on.

+drew, ryan, mike

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Calling all Qwotologists…

So you think you can qwote?

Qwotebook is looking to bring on a Community Manager - clearly a position near and dear to my heart.

This person is the eyes and ears for the site, the interface with our qwoting community, and more.

We’re holding an open call for this.  How can you nab the coveted spot?  Be creative.

I’m calling this position “Qwotologist

Wow us in the comments, set up a Qwotebook account and qwote.  Tweet and Facebook.

Do something memorable, get our attention…and you’re in.

There can be only one.

drew and the QB team

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…distinguishes between a leader and a follower. - Steve Jobs

Today we announce some things at Qwotebook.  Some big things.  A few things you’ve asked for, a few things we’ve been working on.  A few things that brings everything home for me.

First, I would like to invite you to join Qwotebook and click settings.  Be sure to connect with Facebook, and now Twitter. (NOTE: to make all of the below work, click into settings and connect your accounts!!!!)

(BONUS: The context of this qwote was shown in this screenshot.  If we weren’t mutual friends on Qwotebook, you wouldn’t have seen it -> “It’s Time”)

With Facebook, you can “Favorite” a Qwote, by clicking the heart next to a Qwote.  It’ll publish to your wall.

And starting today, you can tweet a Qwote by clicking on the cute little bird next to a Qwote.  For now, you’ll be tweeting using our short URL qwote.me, thanks to our new partner bit.ly Neat!

We didn’t stop there.

You can also “tweet in” your Qwotes via Qwoted. Pretty fancy, but simple. From any service that can tweet, you can submit a Qwote.  

So say Mike said something real funny, here’s how I’d “tweet in” a Qwote.

I’d tweet:

@qwoted something real funny @mcdavis

That submits it to Qwotebook based on your connected account, and attributes the Qwote to Mike, based on his connected account.

And bam.

Real Life Example:

I’m Qwoted. Simple.

Also, and more importantly, we’re expanding our team.  I’ve been able to bring in 3 top of the line advisors that I respect, look up to, and am excited to work with.

First, our lead advisor Louis Gray.

Then, Shira Lazar and Ethan Zohn.  We’ll let them write their own introduction to you and post them here.  Click their links to learn more.  They are all people that I admire, who have a wealth of experience and knowledge that will help make Qwotebook THE destination online and offline for Quotes.

They of course join myself, Ryan Hildebrand, Michael Davis, and Jason English.

I have a dream team involved in my dream vision.

Doesn’t get any better than that, does it?

Qwote on!


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You can have your cupcake and eat it too…

We had a very lovely weekend surprise - a fantastic article about Qwotebook written by Paul Boutin from Venturebeat.

You can read it here.

Yeah, that’s me eating a cupcake.  

I think Paul touched on some really interesting things in the piece, which I fully attribute to Mike and Jason, along with Ryan…our QB team.  They’re working really really hard and we have some fun stuff for y’all coming.

The thing that Paul said that excited me the most led off the article:

In its day, Bartlett’s Familiar Quotations, first published in 1855, was an impressive accomplishment. Thousands of quotes were traced back to their authors, and the results combined into a hardbound meta-book of human wisdom, wit, and sloganeering.

Yep, Paul gets it.

And 2,184 favorited Qwotes so far say you do too.

Keep Qwotin’!


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The search for truth…

One of the most important things when it comes to Qwotes (and Quotes of course), is search.

It’s something the team was very interested in 3 years ago when I brought Qwotebook to them.  

"We have to do it right."

I agreed.  So we held out.

In Audrey’s awesome ReadWriteWeb piece, she mentioned search as a desired feature for her Qwotebook.


Today, we’re happy to announce that we’ve added search to Qwotebook with our new partner Lijit.

Here’s a quote from them….er wait, here’s a link to their Qwote about our partnership.

Please use search on Qwotebook and use our feedback button to tell us what you think.  We’re excited, and we hope you are too.

drew, mike, jason, ryan - the QB team

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Just in time, check out all the best qwotes from Lost

"You taste like fish biscuits"

In accordance with the big finale tonight, we’re tracking all the best and brightest qwotes posted for the characters on Lost.  Want to join in and get your qwote shown off?  Add a qwote for a character from Lost and tag the qwote with the tag “Lost”.  

We’ve added a bunch of Lost’s top characters to Qwotebook already.  You can find the ones we’ve added by typing their character name, then an underscore and the word “Lost”.  So, if you were wanting to post a qwote from Jack, you’d type in “Jack_Lost” in the “Who said it” field.  

As is the norm with Qwotebook, if the cast member you want to qwote isn’t there, feel free to add it.  Just make sure you tag the post with the tag “Lost”.

View all the Lost qwotes at: http://qwotebook.com/lost

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What a cool week!

So we came out of hiding, and ooooh boy that was fun.

3 years of work and we’ve come a long way since our first 5 users….just over the past 72 hours.

Keep the Qwotes coming and thank you for the support, next week is going to be freaking awesome.

<3 drew, mike, jason, ryan - the QB team

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Some men see things as they are and say why…

I dream things that never were and say why not.

Quotes…or as we call them “Qwotes" (more on why in a sec), is the core of who we are.  Everything we do, everything we’ve learned has been because of something we’ve heard.

That’s a Qwote.

Something your mom told you, something your teacher told you, something Martin Luther King, Jr. said, or something spoken on the moon.

That’s a Qwote.

We need a place to put these nuggets of knowledge.  We have Flickr for photos, we have Twitter for 140 character mind dumps aka Tweets, we have Facebook to store our friends and information about them…but where do the Qwotes go?


Starting today, you can start your very own Qwotebook.

A place for your Qwotes, the things you’ve heard, the things you’ve learned.  But we don’t let you store just the Qwote, we let you store the context aka the story behind the Qwote.  Sometimes that’s more important than the Qwote itself.  On Qwotebook, you can hide that context for yourself.  Just don’t follow anyone back.  The friends you follow back will get to see the context of all of your Qwotes.  Maybe that’ll change in the future, but that is how we’re beginning.  

It’s not about who has the most followers, or who has the most friends, or who has entered in the most stuff.  It’s about you sharing the Qwotes that make you, you…with us.

A Qwote isn’t about U.  It’s about We.

Q”U"ote is now Q"W"ote.

They’re social and they’re the fabric of our lives.

Join us, because what you see today on Qwotebook isn’t anywhere close to what you’re going to see next week, next month, or next year.  You can Qwote us on that.

More soon…

drew, mike, jason (the QB team)